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This map presents the weaving, or confluence, of Indigenous youth’s stories in Tiohtiá:ke/Moonyiang. Just as multiple beads are assembled in a beading project, their individual stories come together to recount a collective perspective on Indigenous experiences in the city.

First, click on the button below to activate the map, then click on the buttons on the flowers and their petals to listen to the excerpts. Please note that these audio samples have been recorded in the chosen language of each participant; some are in French and others in English.
Land acknowledgement
Tokenism and trying to look good
Bridges and middle ground
Beading stories
Multicultural Montreal
Taking one’s place in the urban space
Facing prejudice
Relationship to the community
The Indigenous community’s place
Nature in the city - Atikamek presence
Nature in the city -  The Belvedere
Nature in the city - Different from the bush
Nature in the city - Parc nature
Identity issues
Recognizing Indigenous and colonial histories
Feeling at home
Being represented
Having spaces to gather and see each other
Representations and cultural symbols
Practicing your language outside the community

"There are lots of little stories you can create, it's like beading,

we can bead our stories."

Keeping your language alive
Relationship with the land
Need to educate
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